Comprehensive and Affordable Practice Management Services

Many Doctors experience difficulties in managing the administration of their practice and the everyday frustration of non-payments and debt collecting. We understand that a practice is not just a practice but a business which requires proper practice management to ensure you can focus on your patients.

You are not just a number. Med Core Billing believe that clients are important regardless of turnover, size or discipline. Our tailor-made solutions provides you with a dedicated claims administrator to attend to your account queries. The account manager will always strive to ensure the efficient administration of your practice.

We understand that every practice has its own challenge, and each specialty has its own difficulties, from dealing with the registration of babies and entity swops for authorisations in paediatrics, the updating of authorisations for allied workers, to the coding for maternity benefit programs for gynaecolgy. We understand how important building relationships and corresponding with case managers are for verifying and updating authorisations. We know the importance of combination coding for maximum reimbursement and how vital it is for claims to pull from the correct benefit pools to ensure patients savings are not unnecessarily exhausted and so much more.

We therefore place our focus on the following specialties:


ENT Specialists


General Surgeons

Maxillo-facial & Oral surgeons


Obstetrician & Gynaecologist'


Orthopaedics surgeons




Allied workers

• Clinical technologist

• Neurophysiologists

Dialysis centers

We understand how important each patient is and that the relationship with these patients needs to be nurtured. We know how important the correct supporting documentation is for your authorization process and how timeously billing can affect your dialysis centers.

Emergency rooms

You must provide initial treatment for a broad spectrum of illnesses and injuries and while you focus on the 3 C’s of emergency and triage your patients we will ensure that the correct consultation codes, procedure codes and series codes are billed.

Ambulance Services

Medical Billing presents many unique challenges for Ambulance services. Dealing with multiple conditions, procedures, treatments, BLS and ALS services. Managing your revenue cycle and ensuring maximum reimbursement is impossible with accurate coding and claim submission processes. We have the experience, knowledge and resources to provide accurate and timely medical billing services for you.